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Piano Virtuosity on SoundCloud: Patrick Ytting plays Rachmaninoff

On 3rd September 2011, Patrick Ytting played a piano recital with a lofty choice of music in the programme. Featuring Liszt, Beethoven and Rachmaninoff, Patrick also played works from Oskar Lindberg, a composer from his ancestral Sweden, and even some of his own compositions.

I had the pleasure of attending the concert and volunteered to record the evening, which Patrick then mastered and shared with us on SoundCloud. I’d like to interview Patrick in the coming weeks, and feature some of his own highly technical and beautiful compositions. In the meantime,

let’s hear his rendition of one of Rachmaninoff’s best loved works (though not best loved by Rachmaninoff himself, who famously lost out on the royalties). This is Prelude Op. 3 No. 2:

This piece is a repertoire favourite amongst accomplished pianists and is heard often, but what impresses me about this particular rendition is the fluency and expressiveness throughout the piece, with clear articulation and flair for the dramatic. It’s a large, passionate, and memorable performance.

I’ll bring you more from this gifted pianist in future posts.

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